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Act 01 - The Star That Was Born!Edit


Today is the day I become A Battlefront Memeber! Said Miko Saru "A Battlefront Memeber?" , said Mizuri , " Yeah , I will get in there no matter what Mizuri - Chan! , said Miko enthusiastically , as Miko and Mizuri walked to school together , Mizuri sighed and said , " you are only in the 10th grade and plus your to young to join " , Miko said  , "So? , age doesn't matter , I will get in no matter what! Just like I said!" , Miko ran to the school on her own , Mizuri screamed , "Wait up , Miko!' , Mizuri ran after her as Miko ran , Miko thought , "Everyone doesn't believe I can make it just because of my age but Today , I will show them what I'm made of!"..........

Act 01Edit

Miko looked out the window next to her desk , she sighed sadly , she was always being told she was too young to follow her own dream instead of supporting her but Miko had a plan to get into Warrior Battlefront , It will take place during lunch , " Miko , Miko Saru. , MIKO SARU!" Miko snaped out her daydream and sprung out her chair and said " Yes!" , The teacher said , "What's the answer?' , Miko said , " Uhhh No I don't" , Students laughed at Miko , Miko blushed bright red and sat down , " Ms. Saru , You usually pay attention in class , I have no chose but to make you listen to the class outside " , Miko got back up and took her punishment , she just kept saying in her , " Just 20 more minutes left , 20 more left till my plan is in action!

20 Minutes Later , Location : School Roof

Miko headed upstairs to the School's Roof , She had pen and paper and started to write a note to everyone :

Dear Everyone ,

I'm going to The Warrior Battlefront , even if i'm young , i'm determine to get in there , even if you don't like my choice , I still going because this is my dream ,  Love  Miko - Chan :3 

Miko placed the note in her pocket , where it will soon be placed in the locker of Mizuri Kyon , Her Best Friend , Miko quickly ate her lunch and headed to the halls of the school and slipped the note into Mizuri's Locker and ran downstairs to the school exit door , Miko ran as fast as she could before officers caught her , she climbed the fences of to the school and went to Warrior Battlefront Base 

Location : Muno Ocean Edit

Miko is almost to the Base , she runs on the porch and headed down but stopped when she reach her location , The Warrior Battle Base , Miko's eyes sparkled as she said , " I made it to my dream " , Miko said happily , she sneaked on to the base and hid , The Commander heard noise from the back of the base and took out his gun and saw a young red headed girl hidding in the back and yelled , " Hey You! What Are You Doing Here!?' , Miko's heart skipped a beat and look to see the Commander  with a rifle in his hand , Miko screamed and ran , The Commander chased after the fighten girl as she ran , as Miko ran  she tripped and fell , The Commander bended down and said , " Aren't you suppose to be in school , young lady?' , Miko got up  , " Well , Yes but I wanted to join The Warrior Battlefront" , She said Proudly , The Commander smiled at the girl and said , " How old are you?" , Miko said , " 15 years old " , The Commader smiled faded and said , " Well , your kinda young to be a Battlefront Warrior , Ms Miko , Miko got upset and said , " AGE DOESN'T MATTER!" , The Commander eyes wided , " YES , I'M 15 BUT I'M NOT LEAVING TILL YOU LET ME IN!' , The Commander smirked at her and said , " Okay , SERCURITY!' , Miko ran to the  3 Security Guards and Kicked them in the face , she then later tripped the other 2 Security Guards, The Commander was inpressed by the red - haired girl skills , the Guards kept coming and the Commander ordered , " STOP AND HEAD BACK TO YOUR STATIONS!! , All the Guards left and Miko grinned and said , " I told you I won't leave , didn't I?" , 
The Coommander smirked and said , " Indeed you did , you perfectly defended yourself." , The Commander shook Miko's hand and said " Welcome Rookie" , Miko smiled and shook the Commader's hand , "But" , said The Commander as he handed her the registeration papers , " You should go before your late for class ", Miko said and bowed in respect saying , " Thank You Commander!" , The Commander smiled and headed back to Main Base


Miko ran to the her class as fast as she can , when she made it  she yelled , " GOOD AFTERNOON!' , The Teacher said , " Hello Ms.Saru , take your seat" , Miko went happily to her seat , Mizuri asked , " Why are you so happy about?'  Miko pulled out the registeration form and smiled.......

To Be Countiue...........