Chapter I: The Beginning is the first chapter of the Ultimate Mizaki Stories series. It focuses on a 21 year old fighter who won the 100th World Martial Arts Tournament. He wanted a break, but the news people wanted to interview him. He rejected at first due to scheduling conflicts, but he changes his mind. It turned out to be aliens in disguise. After that, they started to destroy the town called Upper West. Samuel has to stop them from taking over the world. The aliens were looking for Samuel for over 69 years. They want retaliation for destroying their home planet.


~The Story Starts after the 100th annual WMAT~

~Part 1~

Samuel: Whew, that was a hard battle to win.

Joey: I know right?

Samuel: Yes.

Joey: Are you thinking about battling in two weeks?

Samuel: I have to take a vacation from fighting for awhile.

Joey: Ok, suit yourself. 

Samuel: *teleports home*

Joey: *teleports with him*

~This Scene is set in the Upper West Penthouse #420~

Joey: I got to train, what about you?

Samuel: I'm going to lay down in my waterbed.

-Malcolm rings the doorbell-

Samuel: Who is it?

Malcolm: It's your pop!

Samuel: *shakes Malcolm's hand*

Joey: Poppo!!!

~4 and a half hours later, Samuel and his family are watching the news~

Anchor #1: In Channel 9 News, there is a catastrophe at the Lower West. The cause of that catastrophe is unknown. 

Anchor #2: I know right, Let's get on with the Upper West with the news reporters trying to get a view of the winner in his penthouse. 

News Reporter: Samuel, I know you're out there. 

Samuel: I am busy trying to do research. 

News Reporter: Ok, We'll wait here just in case you change your mind. 

~6 ultra long hours later~

Samuel: I'll come out there in a nanosecond. 

~A nanosecond later~

News Reporter: How does it feel like being the winner of the WMAT? 

Samuel: It feels awesome like a concert. 

News Reporter: What will you do next?

Samuel: I will live my life being cool and stuff. 

News Reporter: Ok. 

~End of Part 1~

~Part 2~

~1 and a half days later~

Samuel: I got to go, guys. See ya next year. 

~The News Reporters are actually aliens~

Joey: Sam, look at the news reporters. 

Samuel (tired): I got to relax rignt now. 

Joey: Look!

Samuel: *looks at the news reporters* WHOA!!

Joey: They are actually aliens.

Samuel: Let me have at it. *kicks the aliens*

Aliens: *deflects*


~Aliens explodes~

Samuel: Phew, I don't have to deal with those aliens anymore.

~End of Chapter 1~