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Ultimate Mizaki Stories is a prequel to Legend of the Firestorm Dragon Balls, and sequel to Ultimate Dragon Ball Warriors. Samuel is trying to take a break from tournaments, fighting, etc. Unfortunately, the aliens came to take over the world, so he has to stop them before it's too late. Will he stop the aliens on time?... Find out in the next Ultimate Mizaki Stories.


After winning the 100th Annual World Martial Arts Tournament, Samuel decides to take a break from fighting. Meanwhile, The reporters were trying to get Samuel to come to the news station and speak, but Samuel is too busy. He later changes his schedule to meet the news people. It turns out that the news people were actually aliens. Then the aliens started to attack the town to oblivion. Samuel has to stop them from ruling the world. How will he stop them?



Team Alpha

  • Samuel "Alpha" Mizaki
  • Joey "Beta" Mizaki
  • Malcolm "Gamma" Mizaki
  • Gerald "Delta" Mizaki