Shinoda is a former martial arts champion. He is one of the 5 king members and one of the main characters in the story "The Hybrid story."


Shinoda is a mean gruff person who tries to distance himself from people, but is unbiased to people; respecting anyone who earns it, no matter who they are. He is rather violent though, thinking violence is the only way to truly end an argument or fight. He hates people who think violence is the only answer, but does resort to it sometimes. This happened when he accidentally crippled an opponent in the ring and thus, regretted it ever since.

He also has a hate/love relationship with his younger brother Har. He hates it when Har does his 'activities' but still loves him more then anyone.

He is known as a lazy lechorus drunk man in the organization to the younger soldiers but to the higher up he is considered someone violent; the head of his partner know he is a nice person.


He is a former martial arts champion and has won 9 different major martial arts tournament, being called the 'Immortal Victor' and has won many fights with KO.


He was born to a tough home with a father that constantly left and a mom who barely noticed him at all. He soon had to care for his younger brother. When he got sick, he earned money by winning a minor martial arts tournament with a prize of ¥ 8,000 even though he never practiced martial arts. He started to win more and more, enough to leave and go bye a home at the age of 15. He soon went pro and won 9 major tournaments, becoming infamous for someone who never lost. In the semi finals to another he accidentally nearly crippled his opponent for life and left the ring, to correct his error. He joined a organization that tries to help people and became a famous member.