Nya is the partner to Shinoda and is a cat turned human. She is one of the main characters to "The Hybrid theory"


Nya is a cat who is transformed to a human, and thus, has cat like personality, toying with people and loving things that make her happy. She also has a strange love of rap, constantly trying to achieve the 'ultimate rap song' and the only way she can 'write' is in situations of near death.


She is a cat with human like attributes, and thus her power as a cat multiplied with her human power. She can also use her tail, which is strong enough to crush stone with ease. She is called 'the goddess of combat' by the younger soldiers.


She is a cat that was transformed into a human by a evil witch. Despite this she works it out with ease and is later recruited by the leader of the 'Organization' and is later partnered up with Shinoda and become a deadly and efficient pair.