Momoka Mi (桃華 私の) is a S - Rank Vampire , who lives in a abandon house by herself in the Underworld , she is one of 6 Vampires found in the Underworld that have a rosary to seal their true but violent nature and has hidden herself

Vampire Girl 10

Story Of MomokaEdit


Momoka's Parents left her alone once they found out she was a vampire when Momoka was 4 , from that day on , Momoka felt like she was a monster and no one will like her but when a fellow vampire finds her one day , she takes her to the Underworld , where all undead and monster are accepted but due to her being a Vampire , she has a nature that is very violent , so she got a rossary to seal her powers and hidden herself

The Hidden VampireEdit

When Momoka hid herself , she lived in abandon house in the deepest parts of the Underworld and lives by herself , she doesn't have much friends in the Underworld but doesn't really care about that , she wants to be accepted by others , she does go out once and awhile in hidden clothes and stays in the darkest places so she won't get sunburned and often goes to the human world to suck the blodd of humans to stay alive


Momoka has two forms , Normal Form and Full - Vampire Form 

Normal FormEdit

Momoka has Black Hair with red eyes along with a fair skin color she does wear two Bo-Bo Red Clips in her hair with all of her hair out , she does wear a very unique dress that is both red and black with no sleeves but does wear cutten black sleeves

Full Power Vampire FormEdit

Momoka has Snowy White hair with dark red eyes with two red Bo-Bo Clips in her hair with the same outfit , she wears in her Normal Form


  • Momoka's Full Power Vampire Form is similar to Moka's Full Vampire Form from Rosario + Vampire  
  • Momoka's Parents weren't Vampires , but yet , she is a Vampire due to someone in the family that remands unknown
  • Momoka looks physically like a teenager yet , she is 1116 years old
  • Momoka is a S Rank Vampire
  • Momoka's Rosary is shaped as a twlight star with a red gem in the middle of the Rosary