Mizuri Kyon Pix

Mizuri Kyon (プレザントキョン) is a Minor Character in the Warrior Battlefront Series , she is the best friend of Miko Saru and is one of the Supports Of The Battlefront Warriors 


Mizuri has long blue hair with emerald green eyes , she is mostly seen in her uniform and wears many outfit as her casuals 


Mizuri is bright and is always studying , she is also a deep thinker and is always quiet around certain people , after Miko joined the Battlefront , Mizuri has been socializing which has turned her into a outgoing girl who is more active than before


Early LifeEdit

Mizuri parent's died , her mother died while giving birth to Mizuri and her father died of protecting her from a gunshot, she was then alone in a adoption agency , till her grandmother adopted her , Mizuri learned alot from her grandmother and learned all about history , she later met Miko and they became Best Friends 

Warrior Battlefront : Fight  To The Finish!Edit

When Mizuri finally made it to High School with her best friend , Miko , she always was at her best friend but never approved of her friend's idea to join The Warrior Battlefront because she believes it dangerous , knowing that her friend feels strongly about this , she doesn't tell her this but still is worry about her friend's safety

Trivia Edit

  • Mizuri is also from Dragonball Z : Senshi Battle , compared to both stories , she has a diffrent childhood story and is a martial arts expert , In this story , she is just a regular 15 year old high school student
  • Mizuri was born on July 4th 1997 
  • Mizuri is the first character to make an apperance in Act 01
  • Mizuri last name is from the popular anime The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya Character Kyon
  • Mizuri & Miko are best friends
  • In DBZ : Senshi Battle , her parents died from protecting Mizuri from the demons of the Dark Empress
  • In DBZ : Senshi Battle , Mizuri is the 1st Main Character