Miko Saru

Miko Saru (巫女沙流) is a determine girl who is one of the members of the Warrior Battlefront also the youngest members of the team  (Miko names means "Shrine Maiden")


Miko has long peach hair tied with a dark peach ribbon , she also has peach eye.

Casual OutfitEdit

Miko wears a sleeveless blazer wth a whte collor shirt with a small yellow bow on it with a white skirt with a red lining on it


Miko is a bright young girl with a determine attitude , she is very atheletic , she is very social and a bookworm , she is a very good friend and always has a great positive attitude when this go wrong


1.Sharpshooter : Miko has an interesting skill with many guns , even though she never handle one before joining the battlefront , she can shoot perfectly without any problems with an excellent aim target

2.Martial Arts Skills : Miko is a Martial Arts expert , with experience , Miko is one of the finest Warriors Of The Battlefront Force


When Miko was little , she was interested in helping people , especially her family members from danger , that's when she heard about the Warrior Battlefront and practiced really hard to become the best f the best to become one of them , she decided when she became older she will become a Battlefront Warrior no matter what and no one was going to stop her from become one.