Meroko's Eye (Raging Fury)

'' For The Fate Of The Magical Realm "

Meroko Kinome (めろこ 木の芽) is a witch of The Magical Realm and one of the last surviors of the Magical Realm. As requested, she is sent to the human world to retrieve the El Shard to save Magical Realm from destruction.


Outer/Regular MerokoEdit

Meroko has red ruby eyes and black hair as seen as her base job tied in two pigtails with two bright shining red clips with the remaining of her hair out , as for her outfit , it was a white buton-down shirt with a black collor with black neck-high shorts with a red belt with a heart belt buckle and red socks and shoes

Raging Fury MerokoEdit

When transformed into Raging Fury , her hair color changes from black to crimson red , her hair style changes as well , instead of her base job hairstylwe , she has straight hair down with the same outfit as base job


Past Life/ChildhoodEdit

Meroko's family was the Kinome's , the great and mighty family that protected the Magical Realm but later , her father , Zuko Kinome passed away in combat , leaving the fate of the Realm to Meroko and her older sister , Mizuki. Now that her father has passed , she been training with her sister , who then left a few years later for a mission in the human world assigned by the queen. At age 10 , Meroko sneaked to the human world on her own , just to see it , not knowing where she was going she ended up , lost , till she was wondered and found Elesis and Elsword training together in a forest , Meroko did later become friends with the siblings and then went back home after that day.
  • Meroko's First Human Friends : Elesis
  • Meroko's First Human Friends : Elsword

Elsword : Meroko's BattleEdit

Meroo has been chosen to track down