Kailla's Possible Apperance

Kailla (カイ , also pronouns as "Kayla" in English) was abandoned by her parents at a young age and is currently the last ace of the ace clan , she is also the Main Character of Wattpad Elsword Fanfiction Elsword : Kailla's Fate Created by Kailla13


Kailla seems to have a intresting personality , she is seriois at time and seems to be somewhat blunt , she is friendly and is determine but can be depressing at certain times snd takes work as no joke

Inner DemonEdit

As being an ace , she has the trait to have a demon and violent personality , when that side of her is awaken , she becomes deadly and seems to be violent , most details are unknown about her Inner demon


Kailla is known to have purple hair not much is known about what else she looks like but is quoted to be "Beautiful" in the fanfiction 



When Kailla was a child , her parents abandoned her in thr middle of nowhere and No one accepted her due to her bring an ace , she was stated to be the last of her species 

Elsword : Kailla's FateEdit


  1. Space Magic : Space Magic is magic use by hand without staff or wand 
  2. Swordsmanship : Kailla can use a sword, just like elsword , which means she must know the way of the sword 


  • Kailla's Soulmate is Elsword
  • In the beginning of the story , Kailla was already in her First Job Class
  • Kailla Second Class is Ulitimate Ace
  • Even if Kailla's Age isn't stated , Kailla might have been 15 in her first job class
  • Kailla is an ace which means , she can use space magic and a sword
  • Kailla is similar to the name "Kayla"