Har is the brother to Shinoda and a main character in "The hybrid theory"


He is a moody person, being dead serious at times, and goofy at times, but is always a caring person, who defends 'Justice' and hates the 'Evil strong'.


He asked to be built as an 'perfect hero' and was made into someone who's grip can crush 1,500 Kilos and can sustain a attack power of 5, something that is considered major disasters. He can use cannons, machine guns, and his most dangerous, and costly weapon, a laser beam. He also has a knob that can use 10% to 100% of his power.


He was a young child, someone who was scared by his parents, but loved his older brother, and always wanted to help him. That's why he joined the 'Organization' with him and asked to become a cyborg. Ever since he was considered the 'Super human man made by machine' a name he hates.