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Guardians Of Allegro Act 01Edit


Long ago , there was a royal family , a princess , a king  and a queen , living together happily , till the king was ill , the young princess was worried yet stand strong , always sung to her father as he was ill , till he passed one day , the royal  family now broken yet stand till this day................

Standing strong
Episode I : The Shining Star

7 years later.......

"Princess , Princess....PRINCESS!!!!' , yelled the royal servent , the princess woke up and rubbed her eyes , " W-What's going on??.... , " Your going to be late for school " , said the servent , The princess automatically got up , " I'm not missing the first day of 9th grade" , said the princess , " Princess Melody , surely you won't " , Melody got quickly dess , brushed her hair and rushed down the stairs , " Hello Mother " , said Melody ,  the queen waved , " Hello Father " , as she looked at the picture of her father" , she ran to the door and open it to see... her best friend , Riko