• PrincessMikuHatsune

    Hello Everyone , As you should all know , I'm hosting a writing contest for halloween , I just wanted you to know the information

    • No Crossover
    • No Sore Losers (Come on guys , it's for fun)
    • No Editing Other People Stories (You only edit yours and only yours)
    • Have Fun
    • Don't (and I really mean it) make fun of people's stories (they worked as hard as you did you know)

    First , Read the rules and THIS , so you know what to do and not to do . Second , Go on the Page Titled : 2013 Halloween Scary Writing Contest Stories , Then , Click "Edit" and create your own heading like this example :

    • Example : PrincessMikuHatsune , Title : Melody's Halloween Frights!
    • So Basically , Username and Title of your story

    After that write your story (if your going to have chap…

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  • Lucarne-Artemis

    In every anime , there is always a momment where one character said what happens which is stupid because we can see that and every single anime has one of those momments , (Especially Pokemon and Digemon , which gets annoying after awhile) , it's so annoying , it makes me wanna scream when ever they do that , we know what they are doing it just show us!

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