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Sadly , Summer Vacation Over and time to head back into our studies but we won't stop the fun just yet , we will always be creating stories and such, so keep out for some new characters and stories , better yet we might have contest events for you guys 
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Welcome to the Wiki where you can be creative and create a story , crossover or character , any anime , if you would like to know more, please read the rules.

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We have no current stories from here or other websites, but we will be looking for some later on in next month for now we have no stories for the current month due to the month ending shortly and we have found no stories what so ever.

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Hey Anime Fans , I know this was just created but it would be so cool if you guys wrote some stories on here , The AFF Staff would be so very grateful if you did join us on here on the wiki , so come on , don't be shy , JOIN US! - From Staff Member EmpressLucarneStar & PrincessMikuHatsune

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Join Us : Hey Anime Fans , Our Staff would love for you guys to join us and write stories about your favorite animes , so please , I would love for you guys to come and show your creative side on the wiki , so with all my heart , please come and support us , we will be very grateful if you do , Thanks , From The AFF Staff , The Best Staff Ever

Anime All-Stars Is Here : Fan - Made Characters from Wattpad and Fanfiction are being brought to our wiki , join us

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Warrior Battlefront : Fight To The Finish : Meet Miko , A Teenager girl with high hopes to become one of the famous Battlefront Warriors! , but the sad truth is , she just a 15 year old high school student who can't join because she is too young , but that won't stop this girl , what does this girl have up her sleeves? #EmpressLucarneStar

The Hybrid Theory : This Summary is a work in progress , will come out as soon as possible #Noboby700


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